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Statement / Work 


Modern art moved the search of the representational project, now in direction of products who are formal materials and compositional. In this process Art does not pretend to reproduce fragments of the world, instead create something new. The value of each piece it is on it's own materiality and real elements, visuals, tangible and not in the illusion they used to produce. My radicalised work on this project stands out the crudity of the physical elements that is conform with. As an example, I realised an uneven sphere made of fibber glass that I covered with automotive paint, demonstrating the industrial character of the pigments. The capacity to re-meaning this elements moved from the world of mass production, to my sculpture. Makes us take consciousness of all the strategic seductions from the global capitalism. We live anaesthetised from the inertia of operating inside a systems of codifying sign from the power. We have to develop objects that has the capacity to demonstrate the linguistic structures, that is why in my work I am searching to dislocate the platform of this systems through the constant displacements. 

Her work endeavors to explore and reproduce zen- like states (less is more).